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The "Must Have" on stage accessory for performing musicians!

The Invisible Rack™ Sheet Music / Lyrics / Tablature Management System is a simple idea with seemingly limitless uses.

As with most great ideas, The Invisible Rack™ Sheet Music / Lyrics / Tablature Management System came about through necessity.

Performing musicians, are always looking for ways to be more comfortable on stage. No matter how big the stage is, there never seems to be enough room for all the gear a band requires for a show, not to mention the performers.

I wanted an inexpensive way to have the lyrics to my music at my finger tips without a bulky music stand or other stand alone devise. It had to be something that could be in my face without really being noticed by the audience. It had to be durable, easy and quick to set up, and it had to secure my lyrics so they wouldn't fall off some make-shift music stand or blow away if I was performing out doors.

There are some bands that fake their way through the night, forgetting the lyrics to half the songs they perform. Many are quite good at it, but that's not how I roll. The Invisible Rack™ is right there with the correct lyrics to my music even when my mind fails me.

By attaching right to my microphone stand, the Invisible Rack™ Sheet Music / Lyrics / Tablature Management System gets the lyrics up were I can read them when necessary without hiding my face, blocking out other band members or taking up precious stage space.

The 3-ring binder design securely holds a full nights worth of lyrics without the worry they might fall off a music stand or blow away in the wind. Invisible Rack™ with it's versatile mounting system will mount to most microphone stands with a diameter of ⅞" down to ½" making it ideal for mounting to your vertical stand or mounting to a boom to get it even closer.

Invisible Rack™ is easily stored in your gig bag or brief case. Aside from the obvious advantages for performing musicians, the Invisible Rack™ is also great for speeches and other presentations when a podium would not be appropriate or isn't available.

The President of the United States uses an expensive and elaborate Teleprompter system that requires considerable set up as well as at least one operator. If you give speeches or presentations of any kind, but your budget doesn't allow for an expensive teleprompter system, then the Invisible Rack is exactly what you need.

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