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The "Must Have" on stage accessory for performing musicians!

The Low Visibility 3-ring binder-style Invisible Rack™ fastens directly to microphone stands, securing any statement-sized (5.5” x 8.5”) sheet music, lyrics, tablature, or speech text. Our road-proven attachment system ensures that your valuable content is there when you need it!

Invisible Rack™ saves precious space by eliminating the need for a full-sized music stand and locates pages closer to you than ever before.

Because of its size, color, texture and unique location it is barely visible to the audience and Invisible Rack™ holds enough sheets for an entire performance.

Invisible Rack™ is perfect for outdoor engagements. With the addition of the Invisible Rack™ Accessory Wind Clip (sold separately), pages stay in place even on the windiest stage.

No more duct taping lyric sheets to a floor monitor or mic stand and hoping you can read them, or worse yet, forgetting the words in the middle of a song or speech.

Whether you use it to hold sheet music, tablature, lyrics, set lists or to organize your speech, every member of your group will want an Invisible Rack™.

Get an Invisible Rack™ today at the Probable Cause On Line Store! Just Click Here to purchase yours.

Sheet Music / Lyrics / Tablature / Set List
Speech Management System
Buy the basic Invisible Rack™, a real value
at $32.95 plus shipping and handling.
OR get even more value when you order your Invisible Rack™ fully loaded with your first 50 sheets of 3-hole pre-drilled 5.5" X 8.5" 24lb 96 Bright White paper, 2 Black Buffalo Board 10 mil 'covers', Accessory Wind Clip, and the Accessory 3 L.E.D. light. For only $12.00 more - $44.95! +S&H. That's a savings of over $11.00!
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